Heritage of Dao Fa Zi Ran

 Our beliefs and practices come from the Longmen Branch of the Quanzhen School of Daoism and are based on the lessons found in Daoist texts such as the Dao De Jing and Chuangtze. In particular, we maintain a relationship with Bai Yun Temple in Beijing, China.  Bai Yun Temple is the central temple associated with the Longmen Branch of Quanzhen Daoism. It has been in existence since the 12th century AD. 

This practice has been shaped by the lessons of Master Meng Zhiling, 21st generation holder of the Longmen Branch traditions of Quanzhen Daoism.  Master Meng is Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Taoist Association. based at Bai Yun Guan Temple in Beijing.

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