What is Dao?

Dao cannot be described but it is in all things and living organisms.  Dao is formless and cannot be seen.  We notice the manifestations of Dao all around the world.  Using our five senses is not the way to reach an understanding of Dao.  Instead, the way to reach an understanding of Dao is through reaching quietness/stillness.  One reaches quietness through sitting in meditation. 

What is Quiet Sitting?

Quiet Sitting is meditation.  This is a foundational practice for any Daoist practitioner.  In quiet sitting, one can achieve a clearer understanding of one’s own nature.  If one wanted to see a clear reflection of oneself, he/she wouldn’t look in the water during a storm because one’s reflection would be blurred and unclear.  That is the same way with a person. In order to truly understand ourselves, we must allow our brains to quiet down so that we can get a clearer picture in our mind of who we are.  Meditation is the vehicle which facilitates the process of comprehending one’s original nature. 


What is Original Nature?

Everyone and everything has an original nature.  Our original nature is our unchanged character which is a our direct connection to Dao.  As we move closer to a state of quietness in meditation, we develop a better understanding of our original nature.  When we come to an understanding of our own original nature, then we can see the original nature of all things.  That allows us to act in accordance with Nature (ziran) and Dao. 


 What is Dao Fa Zi Ran?

The fundamental idea of Dao is to follow the way of Nature.  Man has laws but so does Nature.  We all have to learn to follow the laws of our society but the highest law is that of Nature.  How does one follow the laws of Nature?  The first step is to come to an understanding of oneself.  After that, one is ready to discover the laws of Nature.  Nature is also inside all humans so to discover one’s own nature is the beginning of a process to connect to Nature (Zi Ran) itself.  That is the focus of our practice at the Dao Fa Zi Ran Society.

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