Welcome to the Society of Dao Fa Zi Ran

Society of Dao Fa Zi Ran

At Dao Fa Zi Ran we develop a practice that helps us understand ourselves.  The fundamental elements of this practice are:  meditation, tai chi and discussion.  It is through cultivating a deeper understanding of our true nature that we can then see the world unfiltered by the lens of our own ego.  That allows us to create a life for ourselves in following the way of nature (Dao).  At the Society of Dao Fa Zi Ran, we see that the current world places an emphasis on aggression and materialism.  We strive to avoid these tendencies as mere illusions which only serve to lead people astray from the ultimate reality.  This reality is based on shedding  illusions fed by our own desires for the world to fit into our perception of the way things should be.

What does Dao Fa Zi Ran literally mean?

 The term Dao Fa Zi Ran comes from the last line of Chapter 25 in the Tao Te Ching.

Below is the Pinyin (phonetic translation of the Chinese) and the English translation.

 Ren fa di,                                                        Man takes Earth as his model;

Di fa Tian,                                                       Earth takes Heaven as its model;

Tian fa Dao                                                    Heaven takes Dao as its model;

Dao fa zi ran                                                  Dao follows inherent inclinations or tendencies.

 *From The Book of Tao and Teh, trans. Pr. Gu Zhengkun

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